Aryasena stores all the varieties of furniture one can think of

Wood furniture has long been associated with elegance. A bungalow to a flat any home is incomplete without wood furniture. It is available in every house, in the form of the stylish sofa or the chic side table or the classy almirah. Wood can be carved according to our need and fantasy and thus giving us our desired furniture. How wonderful it will be to get all the furniture we want while we sit at home. No tension of going to the shop choosing the furniture and then getting it to your home.

Aryasena an online exporter, wholesaler and manufacturer of handcrafted wood furniture will serve the purpose of getting your choicest furniture delivered to your home without nay hassle. We have Indonesian handcrafted furniture available in teak and mahogany wood. We also store Indonesian handcrafts from all across Indonesian archipelago. We accept order from hotels for their special and customized projects.

Aryasena stores all the varieties of furniture one can think of. We store traditional many styles of furniture like antique furniture, traditional furniture, rustic furniture, modern furniture, office furniture, contemporary furniture and javanese furniture which come with breath taking designs. We provide something for every taste. We use teak wood, mahogany wood and various other kinds of wood to make new designs which are extraordinary and appeal to everyone. We also make furniture combining wood with other materials like leather and wicker. We make very creative rattan furniture, leather furniture and wicker furniture.

We accept order from hotels for their special and customized projects. We believe in making furniture which fills your home or office with style and comfort. For this we make sure that these furnitures are made with lot of care and precision. We provide an exclusive range of indoor furniture which can make your home a dream palace. Our range of indoor furniture consists of kitchen furniture, bathroom furniture, dining room furniture, bedroom furniture, office furniture, kid furniture and a lot more. We provide our customers the best value for their money.

Our price range is very moderate and we have something on offer for every range. We offer you the best service as we control the whole process from design to delivery. It helps us to make sure everything is under our supervision. Our factory is located in Solo, Central Java, Indonesia. Customer satisfaction is our main motive. Fulfilling the demands of our customers is our priority. we try our level best to provide you the best and most affordable choices. We invite you to visit our website for all your furniture requirements.

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