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Choosing the best furniture for each room in your home actually can be a frustrating task because you need furniture that will provide both function and aesthetic. For this case, most of people prefer wood furniture because it is not only can be used as furniture but it will also work great to add beauty in your home. Wood furniture will be nice to be added in any room or even outdoor area because it is very sturdy and durable. If you want to bring a natural feeling in your home, you can choose natural wood furniture rather than painted furniture. Natural wood furniture today is offered in many designs and sizes, so you can easily find the best ones that suit to your need or suit your home decor. This kind of furniture will show the beauty of natural pattern provided by the wood. Natural wooden furniture typically is polished to provide more elegant looking for the furniture. When it comes to choose natural wood furniture, it is important to always choose good quality wood types because quality wood provide good pattern and will last longer. The most recommended wood types are including teak, mahogany, oak, cedar, and birch. […]

Furniture is among the most important for your home. It provides character and add beauty in your home with its beauty and color. That is why determining color of furniture is also an important thing to be done. Wood furniture is the most popular furniture to choose in the market because it is very sturdy, durable, and easy to maintain. Wood furniture itself is available in various types, designs, and colors. Some people prefer natural wood furniture while some other prefers painted furniture in order to match their existing interior design. White wood furniture is among the most popular color of wood furniture to choose. There are many advantages of choosing white wood furniture. The major advantage is that white furniture is matched with any room decor. Whether it is a country or modern, it will work great for any room. In addition, white color is also a neutral color, so it will best fit with any other color in your room. White furniture is many chosen because it offers a classic and elegant look than other furniture. The most popular white furniture to be used is for bedroom set and dining set. White wood furniture can be made from […]

The Exotic Wooden

Posted on January 15, 2013

To make an attractive and comfortable space for our live or to increase the beauty of the room there are many ways we can do, for example  by decorating the room in accordance with the wishes or according to the character of the people but are no less important is the selection of furniture in the room decorations. One of them is by using furniture that manifold Woods, wooden furniture is furniture made from mahogany, teak and other woods that have good quality standards to produce quality. This type of furniture is also no less beautiful with other types of furniture because this type of furniture has its own character that will add exotic designs that we want, because of the type of furniture woods there are a variety of designs that really – really exotic models of modern and classical. What is interesting here is how to make the room becomes exotic, do not have to worry about that because here Aryasena art and furniture have been providing all product woods furniture to complement your lifestyle. Start kinds of wooden furniture Classic, Colonial, Modern, Contemporary, Javanese Style, Traditional Style, Simply Style, Garden Furniture and Wood Furniture By Room, Bedroom […]

Furniture from Solid Wood Advantages

Posted on November 24, 2012

For building the best home which can provide beauty as well as comfort, of course people have to get the most suitable furniture which can be arranged in the house. Choosing furniture makes people have to pay attention to some detail including the material which is used for the furniture. Wood becomes very common material which is chosen by many people for their furniture but they have to be selective and it is better for them choosing the furniture made by solid wood instead of the manufactured wood. There are some advantages which can be found from the furniture which is made by solid wood. The look of furniture from solid wood is better than the furniture from the manufactured wood because no matter what, the furniture from solid wood looks more expensive and it has good quality for real because every detail is paid attention very well by the craftsman.  The solid wood furniture is really durable and this is the reason why it can be passed through many generations. The age of the furniture will cause the price increasing. High quality product of furniture from solid benefit with cheaper price can be found as long as people want […]

Wood Furniture Caring and Treatment

Posted on November 19, 2012

Every living place can have the furniture which is made by wood and there is no doubt that wood is very common material which can be used for furniture. People love furniture from wood because it is stunning and it can last longer with increasing value. However, for getting this kind of furniture, people cannot just buy the high quality furniture from wood but people also have to know about the way to treat and give care for their furniture since it can be quite tricky. Cleaning the wood furniture is the most important thing which people have to do to maintain the quality of their furniture but people have to remember that wood cannot be friendly enough with the water which is usual choice for cleaning many things. Using clean cloth such as rag which is reusable or paper towel is good choice for wiping down the furniture. Applying lemon oil on the furniture from wood is great for keep the wood with suitable moisture. People should avoid using polish too often since it can remain full coating on the wood material. Although this is quite tricky method for cleaning the furniture from wood, this effort will bring good […]

Three Types of Wood for Furniture

Posted on October 29, 2012

Furniture is a must for building the house which is not only functional but also for getting the comfort and also beauty which is crucial for modern living place. There is no doubt that people will choose the best furniture for their living place and among various offers of furniture which can be found nowadays, furniture which is made from wood still becomes favorite choice. The wood which is used for furniture can be separated in three types with different specification of course. The wood furniture which can be found at the market nowadays is made from hardwood, softwood, and composite. The hardwood is the wood which has the best quality for furniture but of course it also has the highest price among other type of wood which is made into furniture. Teak, Mindy, Mahogany, Cherry, and oak are some popular hardwood options. The softwood has cheaper price but it is not as dense as the hardwood so the furniture made from this wood will need specific treatment for keeping its quality and look. The composite wood usually is called manufactured wood and there are various types of this composite including plywood, particle board, hardboard, and Medium Density Fiberboard or […]

Restoring Wood Furniture

Posted on September 22, 2012

Real wood never went away. But it certainly went out of fashion. Now “brown wood furniture” is making a comeback, so here’s how to make any old piece look as good as new. Do you want to retain the grain, or transform it with colour? For a natural finish, use wax and be prepared to buff, buff and buff again to get a rich, glossy look. Clean the piece with a suitable wood cleaner. You may have to sand it gently to remove flakes of varnish and other imperfections: use methylated spirit and the finest wire wool. On bare wood, use a wood-sealer, wax liberally with a cloth and let it dry. Then buff. You will need lots of cloths, so rip up old T-shirts or sheets. Leave for 24 hours and repeat, really working in the wax. For a deeper effect or colour, choose from coloured waxes, wood stain or wood dye; Ronseal, Mylands and Colron are all recommended brands. Waxes give a subtle effect, stain accentuates the grain and dye provides the most uniform colour, evening out imperfections. Apply wax as above, apply a stain with a cloth, or brush on a dye, blending it in the direction […]

Save the Trees by Using Recycled Wood

Posted on July 3, 2012

In order to save the environment, every people who live in this world must realize that there are a lot of things done by human are very disturbing to nature. It is important to step ahead with thinking about the things can be done in order to help the environment. One of those ways is by using the recycled wood. This is a good way to promote the green technology as well as a good way to save some money. The wood will be acquired for free or at least at the cheap prices. Recycling woods will be a task for the people with the skill in woodworking. These people may have hobby of woodworking and has been thinking about recycling the wood and use it for the various purposes. Recycled woods can look very beautiful according to the way of the woods being processed. Recycled woods will have the different result on furniture made of it but the result will look beautiful. Of course the skill of the person who made it will also affect the final result for the wood. The design for each one of the furniture will also play the role in making the recycled wood […]

Recently the eco friendly technology is being used by a lot of people and there are a lot of people who realized the importance of taking care of environment. The recycled furniture might be a good idea for these people because the furniture will serve its functions very well while being friendlier to nature. Why do the recycled wood furniture being friendlier? Because most of furniture made of wood and there are a lot of woods being cut down in every day. The woods are not only to be made into furniture but also become the parts of building constructions or as the main ingredients for paper. By using the recycled furniture, the consumption of wood is expected to be cut down even if it is just a little bit. With the forest preserve very well, the global warming process can be reduced and there will be a lot of people who will be able to breathe the fresh air of forests. However, this thing will not be reached when there is only a little number of people who truly care with this issue.  But trying to get the green technology inside of a house will always become the good […]

The Eco Friendly Recycled Furniture

Posted on June 27, 2012

With the global warming issue floating around, it is better to be cautious in order to try to prevent the further damage to the environment. The recycled furniture a great choice can be chosen and anyone can participate in promoting the greener technology by using the recycled furniture. It is actually a good thing and will be better if anyone take the same path of using the recycled furniture. Unfortunately, there are quite a lot of people who still pursue luxury without even thinking about the consumption of energy that they will use in every day at their houses in any activities. Fortunately, some people who have already realized about the benefits of the green technology are keeping on promoting the green technology including the use of recycled furniture. This kind of furniture is a lovely choice. The furniture is lovely and well finished. It is a great choice and will be good way to promote the green technology. Everyone is invited in order to help in the nature reservation for the better and also the brighter future for the next generation. Internet though the various website will be able to provide the information about recycled furniture.

Choosing the Reclaimed Wood Table

Posted on June 26, 2012

Reclaimed wood table is a good idea that will give a unique design of table using the available woods or the used wood tables. Reclaiming the woods into a new table or an old table looks like new is a task that can be done by anyone especially for the people who have hobby of woodworking and of course have the skill in woodworking. But for some people who have no skill in woodworking, they can still get the beautiful table of wood if they do have concept and design. Just try to take them to the experts in woodworking and wait for the result of it. The reclaimed wood table is an excellent choice and will also become an excellent work of art to be used in a house. Each board of the wood might be not the perfect kind of wood when the project of reclaiming wood table started but when the process is over, people can definitely see that the table is gorgeous and the pattern of the wood will be the element of beauty had by the table. There are a lot of people try to make it by their own while some people may need […]

Choosing the right furniture to be put in a house can be a troublesome job especially for the people who have no idea what kind of furniture they would like to choose. Sometimes, trying an option that has never been chosen before is a great thing to do. Reclaimed wood furniture is something that is really good and sometimes the result is far better than ever imagined. When searching for the proper furniture, try to search for the old furniture from wood that available and can still is reclaimed to make it better furniture. This idea is not bad at all. Reclaimed wood furniture just needs some of the retouch and refinishing in order to make the furniture worthy furniture to be used. The process of retouching and refinishing furniture will be depending on the type of furniture and the damage had for the furniture. Some old furniture may do not have too much of damage and may require refinishing to make it looks as good as the new one. The final result for the reclaimed wood furniture can make a lot of people feel amazed because the reclaimed furniture gives the certain look with a few more touches added.

Selection of Garden Furniture

Posted on March 16, 2012

People who buy or own of a house would usually expect that the remaining land can be used for garden. The house will feel comfortable and look more attractive if it comes with a garden. The garden could in front of, rear or side of the house is usually in accordance with the wishes of the owner. the luxury house without garden as an unoccupied house. The existence of the actual garden at home has many functions. In addition to beautify the home, garden also makes the house is not barren. create a harmonious atmosphere for families and to teach our children to love the environment. The design of a garden, the garden consists of two natural and artificial garden, nature garden which are designed to give the impression of a natural or a blend with nature. Natural park has been established previously, but the arrangement according to the conditions land in cities, such as city forests, garden director road, garden in a city that grows naturally. whereas for artificial garden is designed to balance the condition of the city and the city park, among others, useful for controlling the temperature, the heat of the sun, wind controllers, improve air […]

Many Options for Teak Wood Furniture

Posted on March 7, 2012

Teak wood is one of the several kinds of material which can be used in the manufacture of furniture. Teak wood well encountered in Indonesia, especially in Java. Teak wood has a hard and strong character but it easy to be processed, so many people use it as raw material for making the various of furnitures and carvings. Teak wood texture is smooth, strong and a beautiful color of the wood, make the teak wood looks luxurious. Teak wood furnitures are  famous of strong and durable. It is also resistant to weather changes, so do not worry if the teak wood furniture used for outdoor decoration such as for garden furniture. Teak wood furniture is also great for interior design of your house and patio. If you want something that luxury for the house design, then the choice of teak wood furniture is perfect for you to choose. With a preferred design, you can have the comfort of your own. So, do not hesitate to use teak wood furniture to complement your house design. Today, growing number of the market are selling teak wood furniture products, even the online markets. With a growing market for this product, as a consumer, […]

Comfortable Dining Room Furniture

Posted on February 13, 2012

We can not deny that a house is a place where we will spend more times together in there with family. In the home environment can also affect for the character building on home owners. The design house will better reflect who owned it. We can not deny that the interior design also affect the comfort of their owners. With the interior design is required, so that appropriate for growing the impression is comfortable for all residents. In a house there are many parts that can be designed according to the wishes of the residents. The house may consist of several parts such as the living room, family room, dining room, bedroom, office room, bathroom, up to the corner of the family lounge. The dining room is one part in a home that can be used as a place to gathering, especially during meals, whether it is breakfast, lunch or dinner. It so can create an atmosphere of togetherness among family members. Design of the dining room could also reflect who the residents but it could also reflect the hygiene of the residents. Dining room can be designed as possible, so that could create a cozy and comfortable when the […]