Solo at a Glance

Solo is a region locally known as “Soloraya”, is conveniently located in the heart of Central Java, one of four provinces on Java, Indonesia’s most populated island. It consists of the municipality of Solo and the six districts of Boyolali, Sukoharjo, Karanganyar, Wonogiri, Sragen, and Klaten. The region covers a land area of 5,700 km2 and is inhabited by 6 million people.

In 2004, the regional GDP of Soloraya amounted to IDR 29.000.000 million (3,3 billion USD) and the annual per capita income to IDR 35.000.000. The relatively high purchasing power combined with the high population density and low production costs makes the Solo region an attractive centre of economic activity.

The three most important sectors namely manufacturing, agriculture and trade, restaurants & hotels contribute almost equally to the RDGP with 25%, 24% and 20% respectively. Within manufacturing especially the textile and furniture sector showed a high level of dynamism which is seen in the high number of start-ups.

Solo region comprises a workforce of 3,001,963.00 about 49.16% of the total working population. The contribution of sectors to RGDP is evenly spread, the agriculture sector shows the biggest absorption capacity with 39% of total workforce, followed by hotel, trade & restaurants 21% and manufacturing 18% which emphasizes despite the structural changes the still strong position of the sector within the region.

Solo region is a place where the tradition and modernity meet. A place where you can get a business and enriching the value of life in the same time.

Solo at Glance

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