Solo Furniture Land

Furniture Industry of Solo

Furniture production found in the four sub-regions contributed from 0.64% to 3.83% to the local GRDP. The role of furniture production is very significant in some sub-regions that contribute more than 3% to their total GRDP. At the local level, all produce furniture mostly within smal and medium enterprises (SME’s), implying a definite importance in terms of employment opportunities.

The production process in the sub-regions is characterized by hand-made production processes through subcontracting relationships. With the number 216 producers and exporters (the average labor around 50 persons per company) and 5,200 home industry (the average labor around 6 persons per industry), furniture industry in Solo region has absorb around 44,000 employment.

solo furniture land


When focusing on the craftsmanship of the manufactures of Solo region, most companies seems to be quite able to produce the kind of furniture with the craftsmanship that is expected by the buyers simply because they have been buying products from the same producers for more than 10 years and on going. The manufacturers seems to meet the demand of their clients. The source of raw materials does not seem to be a problem for the manufacturer and there seems to be a good supply of quality materials that enables the craftsman to produce quality products with few complaints. The furniture industry of Solo as well as the craftsmanship has room for improvement and co-operation with the players in the industry looks very promising for the near future.

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