The Furniture Show in Libya, Worlds 8th Largest Petroleum Producer

The  Furniture Show,  Mobtex 2010 is the first and the largest trade show  specialized in Furniture, Furniture components and Home Textile sectors that has been taking place in Libya since 2008. The 3rd version of Mobtex will be held on between the dates of 25-28 October 2010 in Tripoli – LIBYA. It is the perfect opportunity for consumers and sector’s producers to explore and benefit from the wide selection of products and solutions offered by the suppliers in this exhibition.

Libya government’ s policy of further encouraging foreign companies to invest in their countries and the constant  increasing of privatisation are creating the right conditions for the furniture industry to consolidate in this market area. The significant average increase of both furniture production and imports in Libya in the last period is a strong positive signal in this sense. Furniture Industry  has been able to become the 3rd important sector of Libya market after the Oil and the construction sectors. The country needs to invest billions of dollars in this sector to meet the incresing demand that has been growing rapidly over the past few years regarding to the building of new apartment projects, educational facilities, hotels, shopping and business centers. In this framework Tripoli Mobtex within 3 years of short time period  has been able to become the meeting point of the sectors spacilists, producers, importers,exporters, wholesalers, retailers, interior designers, Managers and decision makers of Furniture and Home textile sectors in North Africa  region.

Why Libya?

As the manufacturing industry is not well developed, almost all finished and semi-finished products have to be imported. In this frame; Libya’s young, fast growing and educated population need alot of goods from refrigerator to car, from clothes to computer…

Libya, an OPEC member is the richest African country.The GNP of the country is 12,703 dollars

Per capita and its population has reached to 7 million.Libya is geographically the doorway to African nations with combined populations of almost 1 billion.With the creation of SIN-SAD, the African Union’s first initiative, Libya has become an important trade bridge between Europe and Africa as it creates a duty-free trade opportunity over an extensive geographic area.

Tripoli is the capital of the country with a population over 1 million, which means 20% of the whole population in Libya. As the gateway to foreign trade, Tripoli serves the best circumstances in the country with its international seaport and airport


3rd MOBTEX  enables national and international participants to enter the sales ,marketing &  manufacturing industry in Libya and Africa . Held in conjunction with the leading exhibition ,this exhibition  is designed to meet the needs of designers, suppliers and manufacturers of the the related industries in Libya and Africa Markets.

Exhibiting in Libya Mobtex 2010 enables you to be one of the first important businesses contacts to reach a new market with huge trading potential. Libya is just starting to develop itself to the standard it should be capable of reaching, given its huge natural resources, its strategic geographical and regional location and perhaps more relevant given Libya’s recent history, its strong will to integrate itself into the new world economy. The Libyan manufacturing industry is still in its infancy stages to say the least.

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