Contemporary Furniture in the Living Room

At the present time, a table is kind of wood furniture that should be in the living room or family room. As table is strongly supports the presence of comfort in the living room. Its function is to store drinks or food either some are have storage drawer in it. Even several tables are designed with glass on it that it has viewing area inside.

Materials and models of tables that available in the furniture shop now are very diverse. Many kinds are offered to meet the customers’ needs and tastes, ranging from square, rectangular, round or oval are available on the market at a price that is also varied. The material can be of wood, glass, metal, plastic, until a combination of natural stone such as granite or natural fibers such as water hyacinth.

CFPT 02 preston stool

These are several types of wood furniture commonly used in the living room. Coffee table is usually used as the main table in the living room and placed in the center of the room surrounded by sofas or chairs. Coffee table serves as a place to put a glass or cup or other personal items, such as books, magazines, while sitting on the sofa. Like contemporary furniture which has varied design, coffee table design variations are as well increasingly diverse. The combination of different materials, shelves and drawers store until the attractiveness of each coffee table.

TV table is quite slim in size, such as consoles but it is lower, follow the eye position while sitting. In addition to an electronic device is also equipped with a TV and DVD boxes off the rack storage. Side Table is an additional table smaller than coffee table. It is usually placed beside the sofa or in a rectangle between the sofa positions. Side table is used to put a phone or vase to fill the corner of the living room.

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