Contemporary Hot Furniture

Colors are the fastest ways to improve the appearance as well create particular atmosphere preferred, which is applied to the wall color, home decoration or ornament. As it is known, each color brings some particular meaning and a different mood when applied, for instance, color application in the dining room.

Various kinds of colors affect human psychology. A red room will feel more “hot”, the white space. In fact, the temperature is not changing due to the particular color used. In theory, the color has a psychological effect on human body. Red is a warm color, while white is included in cool colors.

CFE 07 Ely King Chair

As we know, hot colors e.g. orange, red, yellow, etc, will gives more energy in the room. It brings excitement and energetic atmosphere. Thus, these colors are often used to the dining room. Commonly orange color is applied to the dining room, as this color affected the appetite. Orange reminds us to the color of fruit and vegetables, tomato, carrot, orange fruit, etc.  It will increase the appetite that well appropriate used in the dining room. Look at restaurants or cafes, mostly of them apply red or orange color for the interior, both chairs and tableware, as well the ornaments.

Take the inspiration to the dining room at home. It does not need to apply it in the whole room. It enables to use as an accent or ornaments. Alternatively, probably you want the contemporary furniture in these color that will brings distinctive appearance, since some conventional wood furniture available in natural and dark colors. Then do not be surprised if you sit in the dining room and eat all the food served ravenously.

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