Hiding Area with Comfortable Wood Furniture

Roof garden is a garden which can be very personal which some time only the owners and people who are allowed by the owners of homes that can see and enter it. Due to its nature a very private park, this garden can be the quietest place of solitude or “hide”.

The garden can be equipped with seating areas which put polycarbonate or fiber roof for shading. The floor could use pavement like cement cast or even covered with grass. Some fruits such as guava, mango, and star fruit or else as well vegetables plant which planted in pots. Vine or climber on the wall can be a decoration. Being on the roof garden was so peaceful and provide calm atmosphere. Just need a bit of restructuring to make the atmosphere is more pleasant and comfortable.

CFE 10 Ely Showcase

Seating areas can be equipped with wood furniture such as chairs or benches, or use rattan furniture, so the appearance is not too heavy. To bring a more comfortable atmosphere simply combined with brightly colored cushion and small pillow. Ideas for table are not limited using coffee table. Bed tray that is placed near one side of the chair can be an alternative to placing tea cups and some snacks. Meanwhile, for decorative element can be used a unique garden lamp or desk lamp placed near to the chair to provide lighting while you are reading.

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