Knowing Garden Furniture

Garden furniture, also called patio furniture and outdoor furniture, is a type of furniture specifically designed for outdoor use. It is typically made of weather resistant materials. The most commonly sold types of patio sets are made of plastic, wood, teak, aluminum, wicker, and wrought iron.

Garden furniture is often sold as a patio set consisting of a table, four or six chairs, and an umbrella (parasol]). A picnic table is used for the purpose of eating a meal outdoors. Long chairs, referred to as chaise lounges, are also common items. The British ‘Garden parasols’ or American ‘Garden umbrella’ is the term for a specialized type of umbrella designed to provide shade from the sun. Parasols are secured in a weighted base or a built in mount in the paving. Some are movable around outdoor tables and seating, others centered through a hole mid-table.

Patio heaters are used to enable people to sit outside at night or in cold weather. They can be permanently mounted on eaves and patio roofs, or portable and self supporting. They can operate on electricity, propane, bottled butane (small units), or natural gas. The latter can be plumbed into permanent locations or attach to ‘quick-connect’ outlets.

Wood furniture can suffer through exposure to the elements and therefore needs to be periodically treated. Teak furniture is commonly used for outdoor furniture. It naturally contains silica, which makes it resistant to fungal decay, many of the effects of water (such as rot, swelling and warping), as well as chemicals. It is also resistant to fire, acid and alkali, and there are certain oils specifically for the treatment of teak to help it resist weather and the adverse effects of being outside. Aluminum garden furniture is robust and long-lasting. However, if the protective coating is compromised it will corrode. Plastic garden furniture is naturally waterproof, so it can be left out year-round.

Wicker outdoor living furniture is made from two types of material. They were originally made from the stems of any one of 600 species of palms found in tropical regions all over the world. Now, most modern wicker furniture is made from synthetic resin, increasing the life expectancy and reducing manufacturing costs. Rattan furniture one of Indonesia furniture commonly used to be garden furniture. But rattan has the weakness which is that rattan easy terminated by bug. So, rattan need some special treatment to keep it long lasting. Resin outdoor furniture is a surprising environmental choice. Today’s resin furniture is often made of recycled plastic and incredibly durable, usually carrying warranties of 20 years or longer. It can be molded to resemble real wood or wicker.

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