Match Wood Furniture to Your Colour

House painting, for most people, it is not really important.  They don’t pay much attention of what color would they pick to their house. The color space plays an important role in the interior of the House, because it is a picture of the nature of its owner, gives a certain impression in the fourth, strengthen and become an interior unify all the existing space. Therefore before painting the House, and set the Interior of a House, you must understand the meaning and effect of each color. The color is not just the matter of beauty, but also how the color can affect one’s mood.

Most people choose the neutral color such white, cream, and Grey because fear is not suitable and is considered excessive. They also do not want to be troubled by choosing simple wood furniture or rattan furniture rather than contemporary furniture. Let’s know a little about color psychology. Bright and shiny colors will add excitement, while the pastel colors will make the atmosphere calm and relaxed. Red color describes active management of energy, the warm and vibrant. But don’t too much because it will memorable like anger and ambition. Yellow color provides good energy and enthusiasm. It is suitable for your work room.

Blue color illustrates the silence of peace tranquility comfort and protection. Your bed room is very suitable for this color so you can sleep relaxed. Or you can use Green color that gives a natural harmony soothing calm relaxed and calm refreshing. Orange color impressed a warm cheerful happy full of energy and uplifting. This color also believed can raise your appetite, very suitable for your dining room. Brown color impresses a warm, comfortable, intimate, and quiet. It is suitable for the room that need intimate atmosphere such family room. White color describes the cleanliness of innocence and purity, just like your kitchen. Grey color describes stable atmosphere appease widespread. It helps your tiny house to look larger. Black color is very rare to be used. But if you want to use it, know that black color provide an atmosphere of stately and elegant manly protection. So, which color are you?

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