Practical and Simple

Limited land problem become the main topic in this article once again. Well, this issue seems a never-ending topic to be discussed, as numbers of tricks or tips have been shared on the public. Some modern living space, particularly in the big city or down town, provides less space for the dwellers. As the result, the dwellers should be smart to choose what can be placed and kept in the house. The space available is clearly not possible to load a lot of closets or cabinets.

CFPT 01 preston dining chair

Multifunction room is one of the tricks to get spacious room as well accommodate several needs of the dwellers. Many of interior designer or architecture built multi function room in the modern living space, for example, adjoins dining room and kitchen or pantry, which is the most common multifunction room. Even some of them adjoin those rooms with living room that particularly it is built in small apartment.

Built in wood furniture fitted to the available space can be smart choice. It avoids you buy an oversized or even undersized furniture. First, measure the space you have, then made a list of what you need to be in the room. Imagine what kind of furniture you would have in it, if it difficult, many of interior design magazines or site, as well, furniture store catalog will assist you. Numbers of carpenter or furniture makers are able to make it by custom order. Multi purposes furniture enable to add in the list. This kind of furniture is rarely found in the furniture store. For example, table that can be fold when it is not used then easily unfold when you need. This kind of table is appropriate used in the small space. Simply add two or more bar stools next to it, it can be a breakfast corner to start your day.

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