Rattan for Eco Furniture

The world has become older and older. With its age, it may have no much source to support people’s lives. As the result, people will need to efficiently use all the sources which are left inside the Mother Earth. With the current environmental issues such as global warming and energy deficiency, people will really need to have great concern toward its environment. This is why people are now using eco products to support their daily lives and activities.

Eco products are not only about healthy food and green fashion. But, it is also about furniture. Furniture is the main means of decoration which is used by men. This is why eco furniture is produced to help men increase their quality in living their lives inside the house. Rattan furniture can be called as eco furniture since it is made of raw material. Rattan is free of benzene, ammonia, and formaldehyde because the production process of rattan is simply done manually. Rattan is a handmade product since it is crafted directly by the craftsmen. As the result, the rattan products have excellent detail and high in quality. Since not many people use rattan to furnish their houses, rattan customers may not as many as wood furniture customers. But, for those who are planning to have healthier house and greener environment, they will not hesitate to choose rattan to become their furniture.

Rattan is actual a climbing palm which grows in tropical forest around South East Asia. Indonesia is currently the main producer of rattan in the world right now. Rattan is sometimes mistaken with bamboo, but these two plants are totally different. Rattan has solid cane while bamboo is hollow. Rattan is flexible that it can be shaped easily. The length of the rattan itself can reach 175 cm in single-stemmed or multiple-stemmed.

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