Solo is One the most popular Indonesia Furniture

Nowadays furniture is developing very well. It is because furniture is needed by all houses, offices, and another public places. That’s why there are many cities and countries compete to create the new model of furniture. Every cities and countries have their own model and label for their furniture. Even some of them have export their furniture to another country. It brings benefits for both manufacturer and its country. Because of that furniture has high income for both manufacturer and its country. Some furniture which is exported to another country usually will use the name of the exporter country in their label. It will make its country popular in the entire world in furniture.

KRLR 06 - TV Furniture

One example of country which has high quality of furniture export is Indonesia. Indonesia furniture is popular in the world because Indonesia has good quality of furniture material. And another reason is Indonesia furniture made by skilled-handcrafted people.

Not only that, Indonesia furniture has various types of model, such as traditional, antique, modern, and exclusive one. In Indonesia there are many cities which make furniture but the most popular is Solo. The world has known that Solo’s furniture has high quality and it comes from Central Java, Indonesia.

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