Storage and Furniture in the Children Bedroom

Children are a gift, with their innocence and funny faces thus we love them so much. But it changes at a glance when it times to clean up their playroom, truly a disaster. Even the storage options are endless just for keeping their toys and stuffs. It is better to ask them for cleaning their toys and stuff instead yelling at them all day long, thus they will have a finger in the pie. Try few tips and trick below.

Use plastic and transparent container or boxes to place toys thus we can see what inside it. Choose the best suits to the needs which come in many bright colors and sizes. On the other hand, let the children name the boxes according to the toys or stuffs inside. It is also help them learning to categorize and organize.

BMBR 01 bed

Drawing and coloring are children’s favorite. Help them to keep their crayons, colored pencils and other with a bucket to place it all. The bucket is also use for keeping toiletries. It does not need to buy, made by our self with the children color preferences and based on the needs.

An elegant wood furniture may draw the attention but it is not suitable for children instead it would endanger them. Use the small baskets separately, or stack them in smaller spaces then place it in the bedroom furniture. Try adding labels to the baskets for each child or each task, and there will never be scrambling for field trip forms or pens and pencils again.

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