The Distinctive of Indonesia Furniture

Indonesia has been known for its art and craft for many years ago. The beauty and distinctive of its craftsmanship is the treasure of Indonesian art. From west to east region of Indonesia, each region has its uniqueness of typical craft and art which different from each other.  These all is an Indonesian culture that deserves to be preserved.

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There are many of region in Indonesia has varied collection of craft and crafted furniture such as Bali and Jepara which its crafted furniture has been well known all over the world. Bali crafted furniture is influence with the tradition of its culture either the Hinduism art which is the religion that the most of Balinese believing on. Many of talented artist are creating fascinating wood furniture in Bali either with the sculptures which are famous all over the world.

Similar to Bali, Jepara is well known for its crafted furniture either. However there are differences between Jepara and Bali crafted furniture. Different from Bali, which the influence of Hinduism art is very strong, Jepara crafted furniture is a manifestation of Javanese culture which influence with the others culture like Arabian and oriental art. In the old days, Jepara had international harbor which is many of merchant from others countries came and brought their culture in the Indonesia culture. Thus Jepara accepted many influences either from many countries which make them rich in culture and art.

This particular Indonesia furniture has its own market in the world. Many of furniture manufacturers are producing them in a mass as well in custom made. The shape and models rapidly developed which is able to meet the customers need and taste. Otherwise they will not leave their uniqueness of Indonesia crafted furniture.

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