Traditional and Modern Furniture

Furniture had been invented along with the history of human activities. Chairs, tables, cabinet has been through their long period of historical development to form modern furniture, as we currently use. Furniture becomes the most important items at home or in other places such as office, or even on your garden and patio. Furniture supports most of our activities, from sleep to read, also any kind of activities we usually do at home.

modern wood furniture

Style and design influence the most when we decide to enhance the house. In a big city or small living spaces commonly modern is the most chosen to apply, because style and design are fitted to the space available. Modern furniture is made in simple and sleek design in general while it gives priority to the function. Of course, it is very suitable for small living spaces that usually provided in big city or apartment. In other hand, some people consider modern style as a stiff and brings cold ambiance to the room enhanced. Well, style is very dependable to personal taste of the dwellers.

traditional wood furniture

Beside modern, of course there is traditional one. Furniture made in traditional style commonly has accent or ornaments on it, whether it is fully decorated or partial. Traditional style creates warmth and romantic ambiance, just like visiting your grandparent’s house. Traditional furniture is influenced with some particular ethnic culture, thus the furniture appearance may remind us to particular place or region, such as Javanese, Balinese or else. Well, use traditional or modern, of course it is depend on your taste.

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