Wood and Rattan – A Great Combination

When it comes to home furnishing, wood and rattan has always been great companions. This is because there are many similarities between the two building materials. They come together nicely to create a comfortable and natural looking environment. Let’s discuss a few of these similarities.

1) Both comes from the natural outdoors.

If you want to natural look, it is best to use materials that come from the outdoors. Both wood and rattan come from plants, and this is the primary reason why the two get along so well with each other. In recent times, lots of natural materials have been replaced by synthetic man made materials. Although such materials are cheaper and more affordable, they can never truly replace genuine wood and rattan.

2) Great variety to choose from.

Both wood and rattan are highly versatile materials. They can be used to form many different shapes and structures. For example, wood can be used to form the overall frame. Rattan may then be wrapped around the wood to create a finished product. You will be able to find complete furniture sets such as sofa sets or dining sets. There are also many smaller items that you can choose from. These include cabinets, chairs, benches, and even small little decorative baskets.

3) Matching colors.

You can also choose to purchase furniture items that are made from just wood or just rattan and then mix and match. For example, you can have a wooden table placed right in the middle of the living room. Then buy rattan furniture to surround this beautiful center piece. The two types of furniture comes with matching colors. Wood is usually light or dark brown, while rattan is usually beige or yellowish in color. These colors come very well together.

4) Ease of maintenance.

There is no need to worry about maintenance when it comes to wood and rattan furniture. If you purchase high quality wood like teak furnishing, you can expect the furniture to last for years. To keep the furniture in tip top condition, simply remove all dirt and grime on a regular basis with a damp cloth. For rattan furniture, use a hard bristle brush to clean the gaps.

When buying matching furniture, pay attention to the overall theme that you are trying to achieve. Are you looking for a more classical style? Or are you looking for a more modern style? This will help you to shortlist various furniture pieces.

Classical furniture is more stylish looking, and the looks are timeless. You can have a set of classical furniture in your home not grow tired of them for years. For this reason, the classical style is most suitable for a permanent home.

But if you are living in a temporary apartment, classical furniture may not be your best option. In this case, you may wish to consider modern furniture. Modern furniture is more simplistic and practical. The objective here is to be more functional. Of course, that doesn’t mean you can’t achieve great stylish designs with modern furniture. It all depends on creativity. In general, such furniture are more affordable

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