Wood Furniture in Tropical House

The topical style is the perfect style applied in tropical places, such as Indonesia, where humidity meet the sun and rain all the years. One of the topical architecture characteristics is extra open space in the house. Tropical style evolved to the cope with the particular climate characters, thus bring comfort and pleasure to the house. Open spaces in the house are the characteristic of tropical architecture. In addition, wood and rattan reinforce the natural ambiance in the house.

Slightly different from the natural style, in tropical style used bright colors such as green and orange. These are the adopted from the typical fruits and flowers colors of tropical places. An open and sunny space in the house is perfectly used as dining room. The existence of garden in the outside makes the dining room atmosphere more pleasurable. The refreshing air and green plants add comfort and pleasure when having lunch and breakfast with family.

CFPT 06 preston circle chair

To create a tropical-style, enable to use wood furniture or elements made from natural materials, for instance, using contemporary furniture or dining chair made from rattan. Alternatively, use a wooden bar lined up at the ceiling. Wood bar can be mounted under the skylights. Thus, it can make sunlight into the room and provide a dramatic shadow effect.

If you wish for more relieve space, it is able to make an open space in both wall sides, for instance put a form of high windows with a rotating system or glass doors with folding system. Both bring fresh atmosphere of outer space into the room. Widely open all doors and windows while having dinner with the whole family. Let the fresh air and fragrant of blossom flowers accompany the dinner. Even though, the kids can play in the garden after they have finished their meals.

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