Product Review

Modern Wood Furniture

Posted on July 15, 2011

Most people think about one style to apply to their home interior. However, if we are not careful when decorating the interior, we will stuck with a similar design, thus the homes’ interior might look monotonous and lack of interest.  Well, we do not want it happen to ours, do we? Furniture is one of determining factors when decorating the houses, no exception in every room including in the patio. In addition, wood furniture still the best way to enhance your home interior in any kind of style. Today, as the development of home interior and architecture, many people choose modern style of interior. This kind of style considers as the fittest to the many home living spaces today. Modern furniture is a kind of furniture that takes priority to its function and combines with less unnecessary ornaments or detail. Therefore, the furniture looks simple, sleek and suit with the space available. As seen in the Aryasena’s collection of modern furniture. This collection delivers comfort to your modern home living spaces, for instance, Manhattan collection (picture above). Its simplicity accomplishes the modern looks of home interior. Perfect rectangle shaped furniture can be looked so stylish. The collection emphasized the natural […]

Wood Furniture for Dining Room

Posted on June 23, 2011

Dining room furniture is always looking for new creativity to enhance it. Many styles of wood furniture and interior design enable to improve your dining room. It is like offered by Aryasena collections of dining room furniture, which are ready to improve any style of your dining room. Aryasena collections of wood dining room furniture are combination of quality and style thus present variety modern wood furniture for modern home living spaces. Aryasena has numbers of dining room furniture set that contains of dining table, dining chairs, dining armchairs, bar stool, bar table, wine cabinet, some collections even completed with mirror and cabinet. Merbabu dining room collection provides you classic style of furniture but it is made in simple detail thus represent the modernity. This collection made in dark finish that strengthen the impression and create a vocal point in the room, therefore you do not have to add more ornaments or home decoration to enhance your dining room. Simple flower arrangement as centerpiece on the dining table would refresh the ambiance. Merbabu dining room furniture set is completed with cabinet. The cabinet made in many drawers with doors that enables to store glasses or to display your china wears […]

Eye-Catching Homebase Garden Furniture

Posted on April 19, 2011

Homebase garden furniture is considered as one of the most popular sellers that offer the customers with various options of quality garden furniture. Having furniture in your garden can help decorate your garden to be more eye-catching. Homebase provides furniture to fulfill the requirements of any garden. Whether you have a small or large garden, Homebase will serve the best and never left you unsatisfied. Besides, Homebase also offers garden accessories for those who are going to have special event in their garden such as birthday party for your children, garden wedding reception, and so forth. There are some categories of Homebase garden furniture that include garden tables, garden chairs, loungers, and also garden benches. The wide selections of garden furniture from Homebase are made from some different materials such as aluminum, wood, and a lot more. There also chairs and tables that are created with attractive finishing like wicker and mosaic. So, you can choose the item that suits with your budgets and requirements. In addition, if you want to get Homebase garden furniture in less expensive price, it is suggested for you to purchase in sets. This will help you to save the cost that you need to […]

Cheap Garden Furniture in Elegant Touch

Posted on April 18, 2011

Choosing cheap garden furniture can become a great solution to reduce the expense that you should spend for your home decoration. Adding furniture to your garden is an excellent idea to enhance the ambience in your garden. Thus, this will create such impression for any visitors who come to your house. There are many options of furniture that you can consider to purchase for decorating your garden. One of the most common furniture is patio chair. Having this chair allows you to enjoy your relax time in your garden while enjoying the beautiful scenery and the fresh air in the morning. The choice of furniture that you will buy depends on the space available in your garden. If you want to search for quality garden furniture without having to spend too much money, you can consider buying second furniture. Since the furniture is not a new item, you have to be very careful in the buying process. It is important to ask the seller if there is any damage on the furniture you would like to purchase. Moreover, if you prefer to purchase new furniture, you can try to find a store that offers discount. So, simply with cheap garden […]

Wood furniture is one of the excellent additions to any home decor. This furniture comes in warm and comfort design that can create different atmosphere to your home. Since it is made of wood, this furniture is durable and can stand for years to come. Today this furniture is designed to be stylish and elegant so that it can match to modern home decor. Different kinds of wood are used to create this furniture such as teak, mindy, mahogany and so forth. Each wood has its own characteristic so you can choose the type of wood that you love best. There are many options of wood furniture that can be found on the market today. For instance, if you are looking for this furniture to decorate your bedroom, there are many options of beds, nightstands, dressers, and other furniture that available in different styles and designs. Before you are buying wood furniture, it is important for you to measure the space available in your home. Choosing too large furniture will possibly limit the movement in your home. It is suggested for you to choose furniture which involves some important aspects like quality of material, ergonomic design, portability, and affordability. Thus, […]

Practical and Simple

Posted on March 11, 2011

Limited land problem become the main topic in this article once again. Well, this issue seems a never-ending topic to be discussed, as numbers of tricks or tips have been shared on the public. Some modern living space, particularly in the big city or down town, provides less space for the dwellers. As the result, the dwellers should be smart to choose what can be placed and kept in the house. The space available is clearly not possible to load a lot of closets or cabinets. Multifunction room is one of the tricks to get spacious room as well accommodate several needs of the dwellers. Many of interior designer or architecture built multi function room in the modern living space, for example, adjoins dining room and kitchen or pantry, which is the most common multifunction room. Even some of them adjoin those rooms with living room that particularly it is built in small apartment. Built in wood furniture fitted to the available space can be smart choice. It avoids you buy an oversized or even undersized furniture. First, measure the space you have, then made a list of what you need to be in the room. Imagine what kind of […]

Bedroom for Comfort

Posted on February 25, 2011

Bedroom is intentionally built as a room for resting, relaxing and of course sleeping. Therefore, we need to build bedroom as comfortable as possible to support our relaxing time. Well, let`s start to make over it! What do you think, why resorts or hotels have such a nice ambience for relaxing, even some of them could be a contemplating retreat away from the crowded city. First, the ambience in the resort or hotel allow you to relax, whether due to its surrounds, its arrangement or else. Take a note of it, paid your attention more to the style, design or even the arrangement of the particular room.  Plenty of smart and great ideas can be brought home to be applied in the bedroom of yours. Acquire the completeness functions of the bedroom itself, as the result is comfort would be obtained because all of your need in the bedroom is accomplished. Bed set is required; of course, this kind of furniture can be adjusted with your need and preference. Single bed, double, king size or even a bunk bed for twin. Other furniture, such as wardrobe, dresser or chest, functions as storage. This furniture is properly used for cloths, accessories, […]

Wood Furniture in Tropical House

Posted on October 20, 2010

The topical style is the perfect style applied in tropical places, such as Indonesia, where humidity meet the sun and rain all the years. One of the topical architecture characteristics is extra open space in the house. Tropical style evolved to the cope with the particular climate characters, thus bring comfort and pleasure to the house. Open spaces in the house are the characteristic of tropical architecture. In addition, wood and rattan reinforce the natural ambiance in the house. Slightly different from the natural style, in tropical style used bright colors such as green and orange. These are the adopted from the typical fruits and flowers colors of tropical places. An open and sunny space in the house is perfectly used as dining room. The existence of garden in the outside makes the dining room atmosphere more pleasurable. The refreshing air and green plants add comfort and pleasure when having lunch and breakfast with family. To create a tropical-style, enable to use wood furniture or elements made from natural materials, for instance, using contemporary furniture or dining chair made from rattan. Alternatively, use a wooden bar lined up at the ceiling. Wood bar can be mounted under the skylights. Thus, […]

Eclectic Wood Furniture

Posted on October 11, 2010

Traditional or ethnic style of furniture always draws an attention as its distinctive appearance, which bring classic impression to the particular room. Nonetheless, this furniture creates the house into old and dull impression. Probably we need more than antique and old furniture, a fancy antique style of furniture that is an eclectic style of furniture. This wood furniture is a mix of style and material, which suitable to be placed in any style of room thus more flexible. Eclectic furniture can be put in to different style, which is ranging from ethnic, traditional, to modern style. Eclectic furniture design can accommodate more creativity to decorate the house. Eclectic furniture is exploring shape and design provide great masterpiece for the customers, especially in Indonesia that rich in culture and art. This could be a source of endless creativity. Bring traditional style in modern line of design. Today, numbers of Indonesia furniture made in eclectic style as the increasing market demand of this style. As well, Indonesia has enormous sources to explore, especially for the material, rattan, bamboo and of course wood. These materials created into various item of attractive furniture including made in eclectic style. As mentioned before, eclectic style is […]

Amusing Contemporary Furniture

Posted on October 6, 2010

Nowadays, due to the limited land problem, every room in the house could be a multi function room, for instance, kitchen and dining room to save the space. Even now, most people find new workplace at home that works in the dining room or kitchen. No more particular room sets as home office, we are able to work everywhere we want, as well as in a dining room. The advantage is easy to get some snacks or beverages even having meals when you get dizzy with the work you have done. Modern kitchen usually complete with worktable that has counter top on it. Equipped with two chairs, this area could have the living room either to serve meals and a breakfast table, which is enabled us to work there. Bring a stack of files and office work laptop, started working here.   What a perfect place to work! Modern impression also comes from the choice of color, black and white, timeless blend of contemporary furniture that is never outdated. Another advantage is you will notice that the kitchen and dining room will more cleanly and neatly. You will not comfortable to work in a messy and unclean place, will you? Thus, […]

Contemporary Hot Furniture

Posted on September 30, 2010

Colors are the fastest ways to improve the appearance as well create particular atmosphere preferred, which is applied to the wall color, home decoration or ornament. As it is known, each color brings some particular meaning and a different mood when applied, for instance, color application in the dining room. Various kinds of colors affect human psychology. A red room will feel more “hot”, the white space. In fact, the temperature is not changing due to the particular color used. In theory, the color has a psychological effect on human body. Red is a warm color, while white is included in cool colors. As we know, hot colors e.g. orange, red, yellow, etc, will gives more energy in the room. It brings excitement and energetic atmosphere. Thus, these colors are often used to the dining room. Commonly orange color is applied to the dining room, as this color affected the appetite. Orange reminds us to the color of fruit and vegetables, tomato, carrot, orange fruit, etc.  It will increase the appetite that well appropriate used in the dining room. Look at restaurants or cafes, mostly of them apply red or orange color for the interior, both chairs and tableware, as […]

Children Bedroom Furniture

Posted on September 21, 2010

A new baby born gives some new energy in the house. Cloths, diapers, toys, etc. Even some parents were built the baby’s room in the previous months before mother delivers the baby. A room designed for an infant is bound to reflect mom’s tastes rather than the child’s. Thus, mostly baby’s room built in soft and pastel colors which feels more comfort and calm. As the baby grows into a toddler, they have their own taste and preferences, including decide what should put in their bedroom. A beautiful old french daybed might appropriate for the baby’s but too delicate for a rough-and-tumble boy.  as the growth of children age, boys and girls certainly have a favorite character or idol. They often put up posters or any related decorated elements with their idols and favorite. Could be they will ask for big giant poster of Glee’s series, or even bedroom furniture painted with several cartoon characters of their favorite. Do not go mad if it looks crowded, simply  give them a suggest for the colors combination thus it will not look more “horrible”. Since they learn to match colors as well. Put some contemporary furniture in the bedroom, for instance, for […]

Warmth Wood Furniture in Monochromatic Colors

Posted on September 7, 2010

The combination of monochromatic color is perfect for those who unconfident to apply bold colors in the bedroom. Just believe that the color will not get out of date. Some people do not apply bold colors in their bedroom as they unable to find the perfect combination or, as mentioned before, they are unconfident to bring bold colors in the room. The easiest and most appropriate solution is to adopt a monochromatic color combination. The combination will not get the wrong colors. However, it provides the timeless appearance in the bedroom. Monochromatic colors blend are combination of various colors with similar tone in different levels of intensity. For instance, it enables to use the combination of colors ranging from dark brown, brown, beige to yellow. The combination of these colors brings warmth ambiance and comfort that is suitable for bedroom where a place for resting. It allows using neutral color such as white or gray to avoid the monotonous of appearance in the bedroom. Do not forget to match it with furniture colors. Commonly wood furniture colors are available in various brown colors thus ease to match it with the main color. Otherwise, other furniture like rattan furniture will provide […]

You are able to entertain your guest in pantry instead in the living room. Even in the present time, having pantry is a trend to the modern houses. Having nice conversation and coffee or teatime in the warm evening, of course it make ease when serving the foods and beverages. What if the only existing serving area in the house is the old-fashioned kitchen? Instead of renovating the kitchen, why do not decorate them in different way used to be. The old-fashioned style not always appear dull and out-of-date, we can make it look fancy and attractive. Even the existence of ethnic-style of wood furniture enables to provide a comfortable atmosphere for anyone who spends time here. In the pantry, we enable to place other wood furniture that uncommon to put in the pantry such as bookshelves or sideboard to store neatly the recipes collections.  A relax chair as well properly place next to the pantry thus, it can be a reading area. The modern pantry usually complete with bar set. Bar with four bar stools with soft cushion thus provide comfort. There are millions distinctive ways of decorating the house, choose one in accordance to your taste and preference. […]

The Distinctive of Indonesia Furniture

Posted on August 23, 2010

Indonesia has been known for its art and craft for many years ago. The beauty and distinctive of its craftsmanship is the treasure of Indonesian art. From west to east region of Indonesia, each region has its uniqueness of typical craft and art which different from each other.  These all is an Indonesian culture that deserves to be preserved. There are many of region in Indonesia has varied collection of craft and crafted furniture such as Bali and Jepara which its crafted furniture has been well known all over the world. Bali crafted furniture is influence with the tradition of its culture either the Hinduism art which is the religion that the most of Balinese believing on. Many of talented artist are creating fascinating wood furniture in Bali either with the sculptures which are famous all over the world. Similar to Bali, Jepara is well known for its crafted furniture either. However there are differences between Jepara and Bali crafted furniture. Different from Bali, which the influence of Hinduism art is very strong, Jepara crafted furniture is a manifestation of Javanese culture which influence with the others culture like Arabian and oriental art. In the old days, Jepara had international […]