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Children are a gift, with their innocence and funny faces thus we love them so much. But it changes at a glance when it times to clean up their playroom, truly a disaster. Even the storage options are endless just for keeping their toys and stuffs. It is better to ask them for cleaning their toys and stuff instead yelling at them all day long, thus they will have a finger in the pie. Try few tips and trick below. Use plastic and transparent container or boxes to place toys thus we can see what inside it. Choose the best suits to the needs which come in many bright colors and sizes. On the other hand, let the children name the boxes according to the toys or stuffs inside. It is also help them learning to categorize and organize. Drawing and coloring are children’s favorite. Help them to keep their crayons, colored pencils and other with a bucket to place it all. The bucket is also use for keeping toiletries. It does not need to buy, made by our self with the children color preferences and based on the needs. An elegant wood furniture may draw the attention but it […]

Roof garden is a garden which can be very personal which some time only the owners and people who are allowed by the owners of homes that can see and enter it. Due to its nature a very private park, this garden can be the quietest place of solitude or “hide”. The garden can be equipped with seating areas which put polycarbonate or fiber roof for shading. The floor could use pavement like cement cast or even covered with grass. Some fruits such as guava, mango, and star fruit or else as well vegetables plant which planted in pots. Vine or climber on the wall can be a decoration. Being on the roof garden was so peaceful and provide calm atmosphere. Just need a bit of restructuring to make the atmosphere is more pleasant and comfortable. Seating areas can be equipped with wood furniture such as chairs or benches, or use rattan furniture, so the appearance is not too heavy. To bring a more comfortable atmosphere simply combined with brightly colored cushion and small pillow. Ideas for table are not limited using coffee table. Bed tray that is placed near one side of the chair can be an alternative to […]

Wood and Rattan Furniture in the Foyer

Posted on August 4, 2010

Foyer may be less familiar with the blueprints of Indonesia’s house. Foyer considers as transitional space between the porch or terrace and the living room. This area serves as a reception where guests may be asked to wait or go to the living room. Today, however, foyer gets going to be popular in Indonesia as lots of houses include foyer in their home plans. Construction of a foyer at the house would have to consider various aspects. The most important is the availability of space and funds. The function of foyer itself is not indispensable as the living room or bedroom. Therefore if there is space that is possible to built foyer, it can be included in the home plan, not forgot also prepare a budget for decorating this area. There is some furniture usually used in this area, mirror, console table and coat hanger are generally placed in the foyer. Small bench or stool may be an addition if the foyer is large enough for that wood furniture. Otherwise rattan furniture may be great option since it is used to present lighter impression in the foyer. If the foyer is narrow rattan furniture is an alternative. When you build […]

At the present time, a table is kind of wood furniture that should be in the living room or family room. As table is strongly supports the presence of comfort in the living room. Its function is to store drinks or food either some are have storage drawer in it. Even several tables are designed with glass on it that it has viewing area inside. Materials and models of tables that available in the furniture shop now are very diverse. Many kinds are offered to meet the customers’ needs and tastes, ranging from square, rectangular, round or oval are available on the market at a price that is also varied. The material can be of wood, glass, metal, plastic, until a combination of natural stone such as granite or natural fibers such as water hyacinth. These are several types of wood furniture commonly used in the living room. Coffee table is usually used as the main table in the living room and placed in the center of the room surrounded by sofas or chairs. Coffee table serves as a place to put a glass or cup or other personal items, such as books, magazines, while sitting on the sofa. Like […]

Almost every place needs furniture, that’s why there are many manufacturers which make furniture. Furniture becomes a part which cannot be separated with a room, means that it is very important part in human life. For example our home is need furniture such as table, chair, bed, cupboard, etc; offices also need it such as work table, chairs, cupboard, meeting table, shelf, etc; and another public places. Those make furniture has high demand than the other things. Many cities and countries try to make furniture manufacturer which has many customers and perhaps the products from its manufacturer can be exported in a large numbers. Some furniture manufacturers that more popular than the others usually will do the furniture wholesale. It is because the demands and it is usually for exporting to another country. Before the furniture manufacturer do export, it has to learn some rules and prepare many things because it is furniture wholesale and it is usually ordered in a large numbers. Just like the other furniture manufacturer, the furniture wholesale is for all furniture that sells in some manufacturers. But unfortunately not all of the furniture manufacturer can make the wholesale, perhaps because of the limitation of the […]

Since the demand of furniture is increasing day by day, the owner of some manufacturers also increase the quality of their products. It is because there are many manufacturers which work hard to create new design and models. It will keep the popularity of its manufacturer in the world. It is the impact of the furniture demands. Some manufacturers perhaps add some employers to work on. But it is rather difficult to find the skilled person and some of the new employers have to train first. Actually it will waste the time. Therefore, some manufacturers choose not to add the employer. The furniture manufacturers usually offers the furniture for outdoor, indoor, office, etc. The material that used for making good furniture also has been chosen by the furniture manufacturers, for example stainless steel, teak, aluminum pipe, alloy, synthetic rattan, mahogany, acacia, mindi, and many others. The furniture manufacturers usually has its own collection and always has special price in some months. It offers wood furniture, natural fiber furniture, rattan furniture, etc. Every manufacturer usually provides some home accessories and craft which are made from terracotta, wood, fabric, etc. And it is usually used for the decoration for interior or exterior.

Nowadays furniture is developing very well. It is because furniture is needed by all houses, offices, and another public places. That’s why there are many cities and countries compete to create the new model of furniture. Every cities and countries have their own model and label for their furniture. Even some of them have export their furniture to another country. It brings benefits for both manufacturer and its country. Because of that furniture has high income for both manufacturer and its country. Some furniture which is exported to another country usually will use the name of the exporter country in their label. It will make its country popular in the entire world in furniture. One example of country which has high quality of furniture export is Indonesia. Indonesia furniture is popular in the world because Indonesia has good quality of furniture material. And another reason is Indonesia furniture made by skilled-handcrafted people. Not only that, Indonesia furniture has various types of model, such as traditional, antique, modern, and exclusive one. In Indonesia there are many cities which make furniture but the most popular is Solo. The world has known that Solo’s furniture has high quality and it comes from Central […]

As we know home is a place where a whole family come together and do many things altogether in a long time. That’s why people should make their own home be a home sweet home, means that you should make your home as comfort as you can by the performance of the design interior or the decoration. You should make your family feel save in the home, and it impacts they will stay long time in home than outside. Actually there are many things that people can do to make their home be more saved and comfort, such as change the decoration and the furniture. If you are interesting in design interior, you will try to design your home as good as possible. Good here means comfort and save. And then search for the furniture which has good quality. Do not choose only from its appearance because sometimes it does not have good quality. Some people choose rattan furniture for their home. It is because rattan furniture has two kinds of model they are modern and traditional combine into one. Rattan furniture develops for any kinds of furniture such as sofa, dining table and chairs, beds, and many others. It […]

Get Own Wood Furniture in Your Home

Posted on July 23, 2010

There are many things that you can do to make your home becomes more comfortable, such as change the decoration and interior or add some furniture. Adding some furniture does not mean that you have to buy the new one. You can buy the furniture which has cheap price but it has good quality and it has good model or the unique one. You can also change the decoration or some interior in some rooms, it will make you and your family member be more comfort and stay long time in home. You can change the color or change the wallpaper or another. The furniture that you want to add in your home should have the same color with the wall or the other interior. It makes your home good looking. But if you are difficult to find furniture that has the same color, you can change it with wood furniture. Actually the wood furniture will make you easy to put it anywhere without make it same with the interior. People usually choose the wood furniture for their home, because it is easy to clean and the furniture can place anywhere. This furniture also easy to find and it has […]

Match Wood Furniture to Your Colour

Posted on July 20, 2010

House painting, for most people, it is not really important. They don’t pay much attention of what color would they pick to their house. The color space plays an important role in the interior of the House, because it is a picture of the nature of its owner, gives a certain impression in the fourth, strengthen and become an interior unify all the existing space. Therefore before painting the House, and set the Interior of a House, you must understand the meaning and effect of each color. The color is not just the matter of beauty, but also how the color can affect one’s mood.

Knowing Garden Furniture

Posted on July 14, 2010

Garden furniture, also called patio furniture and outdoor furniture, is a type of furniture specifically designed for outdoor use. It is typically made of weather resistant materials. The most commonly sold types of patio sets are made of plastic, wood, teak, aluminum, wicker, and wrought iron.

When the summer time comes, everyone is always excited about the possibilities. It’s when adventures are had, romances are made, and fun is experienced. It’s the bright side of life sandwiched between the unforgiving chills of fall and winter. But summer brings with it a very specific set of dangers to owners of rattan furniture. Know what the dangers are and get the most out of your summer time fun. Staying out in the heat for too long. When you own a high quality piece of rattan furniture, there is a temptation to use it too much. As heat indexes rise above one hundred degrees and the sun rages on, it’s more difficult to know when you’ve had enough. After all, these are the most comfortable chairs in the world and getting out of one is no easy task! Not preparing for the volatile changes in temperature that often occur when the warmer weather sets in. Warmth brings with it another set of dangers: storms. The warmer it gets, the more violent the storms become, too. So it’s important that you pry yourself out of that nice Indonesia furniture long enough to hear the weather reports and take necessary precautions. […]

Wood Furniture And Rattan Furniture

Posted on June 1, 2010

It is important to take all the necessary time to look through some of the different furniture manufacturers out there, so you can get a clear idea of what you want in your home. Since there are so many different styles of furniture, you will want to think about what would look best inside your house, according to the overall theme or style you have in mind. You can buy furniture that is made of metal, wood, wicker, and many other different kinds of materials. When you are considering what you want your furniture to be made from, you will want to think about how it looks as well as the technical aspects such as durability and strength. You certainly want the furniture that you get to be able to last a long time after you buy it. Once you start looking around at some of the various furniture manufacturers, you will be able to start asking all the questions that you need answered. It is important to know as much as possible about the pieces that you get, because after all, they will be going in your home for you to use and look at each day. There are […]

Plastic in Furniture Industry

Posted on May 25, 2010

In the world of home decoration, furniture is important. This furniture is the foremost part of a house. It creates the atmosphere inside the house and it increases the comfort of the house. This furniture will make the homeowner feel convenient in living their daily lives inside the house. Types of furniture are varied and each of them delivers different atmosphere in the house. Wooden furniture can create a warm atmosphere inside the house. Steel furniture will deliver tough feeling of the owner. And, rattan furniture gives the feeling of relax and natural. Furniture manufacturers are those companies which mainly produce the furniture products. Usually a manufacturer is specialized in one type of furniture such as rattan or wooden furniture. But, there are also manufacturers which produce multiple furniture products. To boost the production and to increase the profit, manufacturers will combine the materials. For example, they use steel as the frame and use wood and fabric as the filling. This manufacturer provides furniture for office and home. For office furniture such as office chairs, manufacturer will add other materials to be used in the production. It is plastic because the price is much more affordable than other materials. Plastic […]

Rattan for Eco Furniture

Posted on May 25, 2010

The world has become older and older. With its age, it may have no much source to support people’s lives. As the result, people will need to efficiently use all the sources which are left inside the Mother Earth. With the current environmental issues such as global warming and energy deficiency, people will really need to have great concern toward its environment. This is why people are now using eco products to support their daily lives and activities. Eco products are not only about healthy food and green fashion. But, it is also about furniture. Furniture is the main means of decoration which is used by men. This is why eco furniture is produced to help men increase their quality in living their lives inside the house. Rattan furniture can be called as eco furniture since it is made of raw material. Rattan is free of benzene, ammonia, and formaldehyde because the production process of rattan is simply done manually. Rattan is a handmade product since it is crafted directly by the craftsmen. As the result, the rattan products have excellent detail and high in quality. Since not many people use rattan to furnish their houses, rattan customers may not […]